Michael Gebert

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About Michael

Michael Gebert is by no means your typical business expert.

As an unshakable optimist, he believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together.

Imagine your next event igniting meaningful change. I deliver custom keynotes that equip your audience to drive results with integrity. My interactive sessions unlock untapped potential using the latest research on decision-making and human behavior. I don't just talk about trends - I demonstrate how to apply them. People leave inspired, empowered, and with clear next steps. I've impacted organizations worldwide with my compassionate, engaging approach. If you seek a speaker who informs, inspires, and ignites change, let's connect to craft an unforgettable experience

Bring a breath of fresh inspiration to your next event. I'm an acclaimed keynote speaker dedicated to adding value through insights that spark positive change. My decades of experience with leading global brands equips me to engage any audience authentically. My presentations bring sage wisdom, contagious enthusiasm, and unexpected revelations about executing tomorrow's trends today.

Past audiences have called my keynotes inspiring, calming, hilarious, and profoundly moving - sometimes all at once. I've presented over 1,200 times across 100+ industries in 20+ countries. I'm ready to connect with you and co-create a customized experience that will inform, energize, and ignite your attendees. Let's explore how we can achieve your goals while wowing your audience.

Get in touch

5 Sterne Speaker Agency Contact
Juliane Muderlak

E-Mail: beratung@5-sterne-redner.de
Telefon: +49 821 790040-10

Recent Keynote Topics

The Future of Work and Ethics: Preparing for AI, Automation, and the Jobs of Tomorrow
The Human Impact of Technology: Putting People First in an Age of Intelligent Machines
Future-Proofing Your Career: Skills and Mindsets to Thrive in the 21st Century
The Data-Driven Enterprise: Using AI and Analytics to Outsmart Your Competitions

Recent Workshop

AI and the Future of Work
Digital Transformation + Resiliance
Future of Work + Ethics
Leveraging Blockchain to Drive Innovation and Growth
The Ethical Frontier: Navigating the Moral Maze of Advanced AI

Inspiring and surprising

Transform your next event with an inspirational keynote that sparks fresh thinking.

Whether virtual or in-person, I deliver customized talks that engage your audience and provide actionable takeaways. My interactive sessions draw on the latest research and real-world examples to uncover hidden opportunities and catalyze change. I've inspired leading organizations across industries to reimagine their business, their teams, and their impact. Let's connect to craft a memorable experience that drives results.

  • Workshop + Insight Sessions Innovation is driven by people, not by corporate processes. That is why our Insight Sessions gives your corporate team a platform to develop new business ideas that they are passionate about. Through intensive coaching the teams go from ideas to an executive pitch. Implanting a vivid Innovation DNA to develop and execute their ideas.

  • Speeches + Panels Keynotes, Sessions and Experiences designed to foster an immersive learning experience for delegates and boost an innovative culture throughout the whole organization. Leaders need to adapt to the new realities of digitalization and the impact of technology on their business and industry.

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